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Ancona Airport has designed a specific network development strategy meant to stimulate its connectivity at domestic, European Union and extra-European Union level. This is achieved by strengthening and expanding existing routes on the basis of requests from the relevant catchment area, in fact a primary economic and touristic crossroads, and as such  is bound to generate new business and touristic streams throughout the surrounding area.

This strategy is based on 4 main points:

1. Based Airlines – selection of  one or more airlines to be based on our airport. The aim is to offer customers from our catchment area routes to desired destination, for both business and tourism

2. Legacy Airlines – reinforcement or creation of routes to European hubs. The aim is to develop an efficient network of routes to international and intercontinental destinations mostly requested by customers

3. Point to point routes – development of direct scheduled flights to specific domestic and international destinations selected on the basis of volume sustainability of the route  . The aim is to grant the airport and the surrounding area a better accessibility.

4. Charter routes – development of improved cooperation with major Tour Operators. The aim is to transform Ancona Airport into a touristic gateway to central Italy on the one hand, and into a major hub for outgoing tourist packages for our catchment area on the other.

5. General Aviation – development of General Aviation through the creation of appropriate airport services and ad hoc packages designed for our intended target customers.

With the intent  of reaching the expected goals Ancona Airport intends to  attract new airlines, develop new routes and enhance current  ones. The intended strategy applies an incentive program focused on handling fares discounts, co-marketing, start-up and departing passengers contributions agreed with the airline and based on generated passenger streams.

Namely the incentive program is designed to respect objectivity, transparency, provisional and non-discrimination parameters.

Ancona Airport strongly supports the concept of entrepreneurial freedom of initiative in the field of incentive programs.  It therefore reserves the right to consider additional incentive and co-marketing policies with airlines intending to realize programs to increase routes and passenger streams, in view of their relevance for the growth and economic sustainability of the airport.

Ancona Airport points out that Airlines and/or Tour Operators will benefit from the incentive program subsequent to the subscription of a specific contract to be signed before the beginning of flight operations for which such incentives are requested.

In order to access incentive programs companies are requested to communicate their development program to  .

 Ancona Airport notifies that this document has been communicated to Transport Regulation Authority and ENAC according to their specific competence.