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Luggage, appropriately labelled  with name and surname, must not exceed the maximum weight and number of items allowed for transportation.  Allowance is determined by your booking class and can be found  on your ticket.  If your luggage exceeds the allowed limits, you will be subject to an excess baggage fee.  Always remember to label your luggage, including your hand luggage, with your name, address and telephone number.  Contact your airline for luggage allowances as they vary from airline to airline.  Keep in mind: never leave your luggage unattended whilst  you are in the airport. 

Hand Luggage

In the airplane cabin, you may carry on a hand bag (check with your airline the weight and dimensions allowed).  Also, for a few airlines, it is also possible to carry on the following articles (examples only)*:

hand purse, document holder or personal laptop computer
photographic device, video camera or CD player
over coat or raincoat
umbrella or walking stick
crutches or other means for walking
portable crib and food for infants
reading material for your flight
items bought at “Duty Free” or other airport shops 
To simplify security checks,  we recommend you take off all metal objects you are wearing in advance.
(*)Some airline companies ask that these articles are put inside your hand luggage.
Keep in mind: to carry on liquids there are specific restrictions.
Dangerous objects

For security reasons, it is forbidden to carry sharp and  pointed objects (knives, scissors, blades) in your hand luggage. 

For all forms of luggage (both hand and checked in) the following items are strictly forbidden:

briefcase with alarm system incorporated
scuba torch with batteries inserted
explosive substances (fireworks, flares)
containers with gas (irritants, self-defense sprays, camping stoves)
corrosives (acids, alkaline solutions, acid batteries) 
explosive munitions
flammable liquids and solids (gasoline for lighters, paints, detergents)
radioactive materials
oxidant materials
poisons and infective substances (mercury, bacteria and virus cultures)

strong magnetic materials

For further information, you can visit the website of ENAC and click on 'Cosa portare a bordo'. (in italian only) 

Exceptional Luggage 
Voluminous or fragile Luggage 
(for example, musical instruments) must be placed in the seat next to you: You will need to reserve and pay for this extra seat, as well as  obtain authorisation from the airline. Please contact your airline for weight and size allowed on board.

Weapons and munitions
Not all airlines accept weapons and munitions, therefore we suggest you contact your chosen  airline ahead of departure for their specific rules and regulations.  When you show your weapon documentation at check-in, you will be given forms to fill out,  which must be given to the Police to obtain necessary authorization.  Depending on the airline, transportation of weapons may be subject to payment.   

Sport equipment
The following are considered sport equipment:
bicycles, (packed with handle bars and pedals tied up)
surfboards and windsurfs (packed), ski equipment, snowboards and golf clubs
hunting guns and munition (cartridges including their dedicated container, must not exceed 5 kg total weight)
scuba diving equipment (empty oxygen tanks and torch without batteries inserted)

fishing equipment

We suggest you contact your airline to find out which of these they consider sport equipment, as well as their terms and conditions for transportation. Additionally, these items may require registration ahead  of time.

Musical instruments
 If your instrument exceeds the permitted hand luggage sizes, then it must be checked in the hold.  To keep it protected, it should have a hard shell case.

Lost luggage 
What to do if your luggage doesn’t arrive? 
Immediately address the lost and found office located in the arrivals terminal. (For information contact  tel. ).You will be required to  show your bag tag receipt so that our  agents  can open a claim for locating your bag. Most airlines may provide a basic necessity kit and delivery of your bag.  If the airline you traveled with uses the World Tracer system, you will be able to follow  the status of your bag  online in real time.

If you have lost an item in the airport – including bags not tagged from an airline – contact the same lost and found office as above.  To keep track of your request, we suggest you email us.  Please describe the item you have lost with as many details as possible: brand, colour, if the item has any imperfections, material, value etc.

Late arrival and damages 
Before leaving the baggage delivery area, you will have to make a claim at the Lost and Found Office.  The Passengers Charter of Rights oversees compensation for damages, loss or late arrival of your luggage from a flight of a European Union airline.  The request for compensation of damaged bags must be made within 7 days from the day the bag arrived.  For late arrival of a checked bag, requests must be made within 21 days.  For information, contact Enac, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority at , from Monday to Friday 8am-8pm.  Website: www.enac.gov.it