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Support facilities for reduced mobility
Marche Airport has facilities to support motor disabilities and visual impairments with the following services:

  • elevators
  • toilettes
  • car park located close to the terminal
  • means to simplify boarding and de boarding of passengers with reduced mobility to/from the aircraft
  • assigned areas in arrival and departures with reserved seats
  • intercom calling system to staff dedicated to any assistance you may need, they are situated in front of the departure terminal and inside the multi-level car park (located on the main floor near reserved parking)

To guarantee adequate service for your needs and in the fastest possible way, you must request assistance and notify the airline company while booking your flight and within 48 hours from your departure.

Do you have parking for reduced mobility passengers?
Where are they located?

In Marche Airport, there are 8 reserved street parking spots, situated in front of the departure/arrival terminals and 24 reserved parking spots situated in the multi-level car park.  All car spots are next to pedestrian exits.  In the multi-level car park, spots are next to the elevators. All of these areas can be located by specific marked symbols; all users however must expose the appropriate signage inside their vehicle. 

For more information consult Enac internet site and ec.europa.eu/transport/themes/passengers/air/prm_en.htm 


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