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GUSTO & MARCHE PIZZA is created with the aim of meeting needs of a people target that prefers a quality take away. It is located at the departure area of the Airport, and it offers a great choice of red and white, stuffed and "special" pizza.


It offers also buns, wraps, sandwiches, yoghurteria, cold dishes, salads, salads spelled or rice and so much more including juices, beers and soft drinks, all production of Marche region. Produced in Marche region are also flour (among other biological) which is mixed with the pizza, oil, cold cuts, mozzarella cheese and the garnish.
The style of the restaurant is separated from the concept of deliberately favoring a pizzeria franchise pizza in classic cut and a layout more like traditional pizzeria, what we usually see in our cities, in a more warm and friendly, which the traveler should appreciate while away from home.

The great demand has however led to the creation of the classic dish pizza, available to order and also aimed to target permanent and residential.