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From 0 up to 2 years (infant) 
On the airplane, an infant must travel on an adults lap as per regulations.  For this, they can benefit of a lower fare compared to that of an adult and a special bag allowance permitting to bring all of their necessities free of charge (always verify this information with the airline).  Keep in mind: two infants must travel with two adults.  Some airlines will allow one of the two infants to an assigned seat by purchasing a child’s fare: consult the website of the airline to find out these transportation procedures.

From 2 up to 12 years (child)
Has the right to a seat all for himself, at a reduced fare, and a bag allowance equal to that of an adult.

Unaccompanied Minors
Some airlines offer an unaccompanied minor service for children from 5 to 14 years (12 years for other airlines), who travel alone. This procedure must be disclosed while making your booking and the airline must be informed.  An airport agent will take care of your child up until boarding, than will be trusted to the cabin supervisor for the duration of the flight.  The parent/tutor must remain in the airport at least 15 minutes after the flight has taken off. A youth who does not fit theunaccompanied minor requisites, and wants to avail themselves of this service, must request it at time of booking.

For necessary expatriation documents for minors you can consult the websitehttp://www.poliziadistato.it/articolo/191/

If you are pregnant it is always best to inform the airline company of your status at the time of booking.  You must ask for necessary documentation, especially during the last four weeks of pregnancy or if there are any particular health risks or if you are having multiple births.