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Marche airport is strategically located in the centre of Italy, it can be reached from Train Station, from Ancona Port and from “Interporto” Freight Village, located in Jesi. Raffaello Sanzio airport is connected directly to the main motorway to Rome, Milan, Bari and Ancona which is only 18km away.  In June 2004, Marche Airport was renovated and expanded making it a modern structure suitable to support touristic and industrial development in Marche and its neighbouring regions towards Europe.

Aerdorica S.p.A. is the responsible company for all the operating activity at Marche Airport.  Its mission is to increase its security aspects, focusing primarily on the needs of passengers, airline companies, commercial partners and all others who utilize the airport facilities. It is constantly improving its quality of offered service.

Furthermore, Aerdorica plays a key role in designing, as well as implementing, airport infrastructure projects, based on the airport development strategies, with the aim of guaranteeing safe and efficient services for passengers and cargo transport. All this is done in order to boost air traffic growth rate of Marche Airport.

The Aerdorica S.p.A. constitution inaugurated a turning point of new strategies  aimed for  development and growth.
The company’s main three activities are essentially:

  • Passenger, airline and import-export of goods handling services
  • Airport building management service
  • Airport infrastructures management